Prayer Concerns

Please pray for the following members of our congregation and community.


Amaiya Rose Nesbit - Health Concerns
Leon Remy - diagnosed with Lyme disease and on the passing of his brother Albert Remy
Aurora Perry - Health Concerns
Michael Foy - Recovering at Sarah Brayton
Jon Bjornson - Reoccuring Infection in his foot
John Taylor- Heart Attack
Virginia Grinnell - Health Concerns
Ernie Bolton - Health Concerns

Claude Charest - Health concerns

Rachel Nickelson - Health Concerns
Roger Pestana - Health Concerns
Robert Hajder - Health Concerns
Randy Lucciola - In RI hospital following a motorcycle accident

D. J. Bishop - Paralyzed from the chest down

Denna Laing - Paralyzed due to spinal injury


Families with needs known to the Lord
For students, teachers and parents as a new school year begins
Thanks for answered prayer 


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